Harvard Law School

Faculty Disclosures re: Related Outside Interests and Activities

Name: Jeanne Charn

HLS Title: Senior Lecturer on Law

The faculty member above engages from time to time in outside activities, some of which are compensated, some of which are ongoing, and also has outside financial interests that may relate to his/her scholarly activities. The disclosures below are intended to provide interested parties information about potential conflicts of interest during the relevant period that might exist between the faculty member's scholarly and teaching activities, on the one hand, and his/her outside activities, on the other hand.
Client/Interest Role/Interest Issue/Matter Dates
I continue to represent low and moderate income clients of Greater Boston Legal Services, pro bono, as part of my work with clinical students in my legal profession courses. I continue to work on cases and may take new clients after students have left to meet obligations to clients and to have a docket of cases ready for new students in the fall. Counsel All of my work at GBLS involves representing low and moderate income clients with debt/credit problems. I appear in US Bankruptcy Court in Boston on their behalf in Chapter 7 proceedings. I advise clients on debt management, asset protection, and sources and types of credit and consumer financial services that may best meet their needs. September 2013 - ongoing
International Legal Aid Group (ILAG) Other I participate on an informal Advisory Committee that assists Professor Alan Paterson, the Chair of ILAG, in preparing for and conducting bi-annual, invitation only, two and a half day conferences. As Director of the Bellow-Sacks Access to Civil Legal Services Project I organized and hosted the 2001 ILAG conference at HLS. The two and a half day conference format is 5 panels for presentation of empirical research on the outcome and cost effectiveness of government funded legal assistance in civil and criminal matters. The ILAG "tradition" is that the organizer of a conference joins the ILAG Advisory Committee. Therefore, after hosting the 2001 conference at HLS, I joined the Advisory Committee and have participated in planning every bi-annual conference since 2001. July 2016 - June 2020

Last Updated: August 03, 2020