Harvard Law School

Faculty Disclosures re: Related Outside Interests and Activities

Name: Lawrence Lessig

Institution: Harvard Law School

HLS Title: Professor of Law

Client/Interest Role/Interest Issue/Matter Dates
Patrick v. Alaska Counsel Raising originalist challenge to SpeechNow v. FEC (2010). January 2018 - ongoing
City of Seattle Counsel Supporting City in its defense of vouchers as a method to fund campaigns. November 2017 - ongoing
Nemanich v. Williams Counsel Pro bono litigation defining the scope of a presidential elector's freedom. August 2017 - ongoing
Guerra v. Washington Counsel Working with EqualCitizens.US, Clarifying constitutional status of presidential electors. July 2017 - ongoing
Equal Citizens Counsel Litigation related to equal political rights. January 2017 - ongoing
City of Berkeley Counsel Defending City disclosure ordinance June 2015 - ongoing
SUNY, NY Talk or publication Lecture March 2019 - March 2019

Last Updated: August 11, 2019