Harvard Law School

Faculty Disclosures re: Related Outside Interests and Activities

Name: Jonathan L. Zittrain

Institution: Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

HLS Title: Professor of Law

Client/Interest Role/Interest Issue/Matter Dates
Showtime Networks Other Development of television program. June 2015 - ongoing
EES Ventures Other Advisory board, http://www.eesventures.com/ November 2014 - ongoing
Plympton Direct Equity Interest Serialized fiction, plympton.com April 2014 - ongoing
reputation.com Direct Equity Interest I hold some stock from prior advisory board membership. March 2013 - ongoing
essess Direct Equity Interest Advise on privacy issues. I hold some stock options. May 2012 - ongoing
Electronic Frontier Foundation Board Internet freedom and civil liberties February 2011 - ongoing
U.S. National Security Agency Expert / Consultant Member of National Security Agency Advisory Board Panels January 2010 - February 2017
SquareTrade Direct Equity Interest Advised SquareTrade in the startup of its parent company in 1999. I hold some stock. September 1999 - January 2017
Accenture Talk or publication The future of Artificial Intelligence November 2016 - November 2016
General Electric Talk or publication GE "Digital Days" Keynote September 2016 - September 2016
Microsoft CIO Summit Talk or publication Talks on the transformation of the role of the CIO, and the future of artificial intelligence. September 2016 - September 2016
MD Financial Management Talk or publication Social media and the role of the corporate board September 2016 - September 2016
Jane Street Capital Talk or publication What the struggles over copyright can teach us about today's Internet July 2016 - July 2016
Microsoft SQL Leadership Summit Talk or publication Big questions on big data October 2015 - October 2015

Last Updated: August 22, 2016